Ancient Greek Times Contrast the Cultures of Today

In Ancient Greece, the world was different than it is in many places now.

There, people regularly killed domestic animals such as oxen, sheep, and goats and offered them as sacrifices to their gods. In fact, sacrifice was part of the Ancient Greeks' religion.

In addition to religion, agriculture, land, and warfare were the main focuses of Ancient Greek civilizations. Each Greek city had its own religious calendar. Many religious activities occurred in Olympia, a city in Greece that held the sanctuary of Zeus, king of the gods. Above the sanctuary of Zeus, the stadium of Olympia—one of the most famous sites in Ancient Greece— ran 200 meters long. The original Olympics took place here.

Chariot racing was a common sport in the Olympics during the reign of Ancient Greece games. Every four years games were held in honor of Zeus: every two years, games were held in honor of Apollo. Even though only men could participate in the Olympics, women in Athens and Argos could play important Olympic roles as priestesses, oracle speakers, and funeral speech givers. Women were also prohibited from participating in most religious actives because only citizens could participate, and only men could become citizens in ancient Greek times.

Today, women can and are encouraged to be in the Olympics, including Greeks. They can also participate in religious activities. Even though many people today still consider religion, agriculture, and warfare important, the world is definitely different now than it was back in Ancient Greek times.

[Source: Ancient Civilizations]

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