Ancient Greek Culture Still Influences Us Today

About 3,000 years ago, ancient Greeks roamed the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. Many independent states, each with their own identities, comprised the greater ancient Greek civilization.

The first people to arrive in Greece about 40,000 years ago were hunter-gatherers. Around 2,000 B.C.E., these ancient people created the first great empire on the island of Crete.

Today, many of this civilization's buildings and temples are still standing. One of these temples, the Parthenon, is one of the most well-known symbols of Greek culture. This large structure is located in Athens, the capital of Greece, and stands on top of the Acropolis—an ancient fortress on a hill. Dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom, the Parthenon took 15 years to build. This monument is made of approximately 22,000 tons of marble.

Many remnants from ancient Greek culture, like pottery, have survived to present day. Ancient Greeks were admired for fantastic craftsmanship. Pottery provided great wealth to their empire because of its sought-after beauty. Commonly, vases depicted historic events and were used to store oil, water, wine, and many other liquids.

The Greek Empire successfully produced wealth and built a great society that still influences us today. Many words we currently use for example, have come from ancient Greek. The word "telephone," for instance, comes from the ancient Greek word "tele," which means far, and "phonos," which means sound. Greek culture and its language have certainly impacted the way we live and speak today.

[Source: Encyclopedia of The World]

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