The Krakatoa Volcano Eruptions

Danan and Perboewetan which were part of the Krakatoa Islands part of the Indonesian archipelago. Volcanic eruptions which had been happening for over one million years on Danan and Perboewetan. Then, in the fall of 1880, powerful earthquakes started lasting for three years.

They stopped on May 20, 1883. On that same day, the volcanic eruptions started again. Which could be heard up to 100 miles away. The Perboewetan volcano had ash coming from its crater that rose up to seven miles high. The first eruption was fast and died down quickly, but two more came. Then in early August, observers reported dozens more volcanic eruptions in the Krakatoa Islands.

On August 26,1883 the largest volcano Krakatoa erupted. There were eruptions every minute. It erupted so intensely that it was heard in Australia, which was over 2,000 miles away. It was also heard on the Rodriguez Island 3,000 miles away in the Indian ocean. The explosion was the biggest bang in human history. Nobody lived on Krakatoa island, but 36,000 people died from the tsunamis that were created by the volcano. It destroyed 300 towns and villages, and people in San Francisco and in the English Channel were affected by rising water levels.

The pieces of the volcano flew in all directions causing hazards to ships for months. The dust and ash rose to the upper atmosphere and traveled around half of the world. in the temperatures cooling down. The ash blocking the sun, After the bang, there were more eruptions for 33 hours. Half of the Krakatoa Islands including Danan and Perboewetan were gone only the bottom of the volcano was left, which was underwater. Eruptions continued until 1925. When the volcano stopped erupting it had reached 200ft high. Now it’s called Anak Krakatoa which means child of Krakatoa.

[Source: The World’s Greatest Disasters]

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