A Glimpse Into Life in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were quite different from today’s world, from country life to city living.

During the Middle Ages, a large percentage of the population lived in the country and worked as farmers. Most of the time a local lord lived in a big house with a lot of land called a manor. Local peasants who worked the land for the lord were called “villeins.” A villein was like a servant.

City life was different from country life but not much easier. Cities were overpopulated and unsanitary. Many people worked as craftsmen and were members of a group who performed a similar craft. Male children worked as apprentices, without pay, for seven years to learn a craft. And while many today associate the Middle Ages with castles and manors, most people actually lived in one to two room houses. Often, the first floor housed a farm animal like a cow or horse, while the top floor was the family’s living quarters.

Life in the Middle Ages certainly differed from how many people lived today.

[Source: ducksters.com/history ]