The Extinct Chinese Paddlefish

Chinese paddlefish are now declared extinct. These giant 23-foot long "fish" were known as water tigers because of their incredible speed and survived for 150 million years in the Chinese river Yangtze.

Paddlefish were driven to extinction due to a lot of factors, among them over fishing. It was announced that the fish were not able to sustain themselves since 1993. The largest factor was the construction of a dam in 1998 that split both the paddlefish population in half. Researchers estimate that the fish numbers started to decrease between 2003 and 2010.

Paddlefish are not the only fish that have become extinct in the 3,900 mile river. About 125 species unique to these waters have also gone extinct according to Chinese media.

It's unfortunate that the Chinese paddlefish are gone. They were a significant part of the Yangtze ecosystem and heritage, but they will always be remembered by many.

[Source: CBS News]