What Did Paleolithic Humans Really Eat

by Helen Zhang, age 13

Until recently most researchers believed that prehistoric humans ate a meat-centered diet. Now a new study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal shows this view of the so-called Paleolithic diet might be false.

Last fall, researchers discovered starch grains left on grinding stones that dated back 30,000 years ago. The grinding stones were uncovered at archaeological digs in Italy, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

These discoveries suggest that early humans may have started using flour some 10,000 years before previously believed. The grains found indicate that primitive humans might have eaten an ancient form of flatbread, a pancake made with just water and flour. The team recreated the bread by cooking it on a hot stone. They found the result to be crispy, but not very tasty.

Before this discovery no evidence suggesting Paleolithic humans used flour before 20,000 years ago had been uncovered. New discoveries like this one often prompt Scientists to analyze information that was once assumed to be true.

[Sources: The New York Times]

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