1972 Saw the Last Man on the Moon

No one has visited the Moon since 1972, when the last of the Apollo missions left.

The first moon landing was in 1969. The name of that mission was Apollo 11. There were three people involved in the mission including Neil Armstrong, who eventually became the first man to walk on the moon. The Saturn 5 rocket, which launched the “Apollo 11 three” into space, was the biggest rocket ever built. However, it was still very cramped inside the command module.

Following Apollo 11, six different Apollo missions landed on the moon in six different places. A trip to the moon takes about three days. The longest time any astronauts have stayed on the moon is also three days. On some Apollo missions, the astronauts drove in the lunar rover, which is a car-like structure that has two seats, four wheels, and can travel as fast as a person can run.

Using the lunar rover, the Apollo astronauts collected many moon rocks that have since kept scientists busy. Maybe one day soon, they will add to this collection.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Space]