Jupiter and Saturn are "Gas Giants"

Made of liquid and gas, Jupiter and Saturn are important planets.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System. Eleven times wider than the Earth, its moon looks like a pizza. This moon has many active volcanoes; when they explode, red blotches and dark marks appear and look like pepperoni. There is also one major red spot on Jupiter. It is a storm that was discovered 300 years ago and is still active to this day.

Saturn is the next biggest planet in the Solar System. This gorgeous orb is nine times bigger than Earth, and its rings are made from millions of chunks of ice, which can be as small as a bug or as big as an elephant. The ice reflects light from the Sun. Interestingly, despite everything that composes Saturn, it is the lightest planet in the Solar System.

Saturn and Jupiter are both important and fascinating planets.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Space ]