The T-Rex and Its Friends Lived Millions of Years Ago

Dinosaurs were huge animals that lived millions of years ago. Some of the dinosaurs were Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Ankylosaurus, the Torosaurus, and the Anototitans.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest predators. Its mouth, when open, was over three feet long. Its body was over 45 feet long. Because of its long and sharp teeth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex could eat up to 150 pounds of meat in one bite! It had a short body and arms, but the T-Rex still weighed up to five tons. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was very strong because of its big mouth. And it lived 65 million years ago.

The Ankylosaurus, another type of dinosaur, was a huge armored herbivore that lived 65-70 million years ago. It was 33 feet long and typically weighed seven tons. Its skull was so dense it only had a little room for its brain. The Ankylosaurus also had a huge gut that helped it digest almost any plant.

The Torosaurus lived 67-65 million years ago. It was similar to the Triceratops. Both dinosaurs had three very powerful horns. The Torosaurus was almost 25 feet in length, and had a huge display crest of almost six feet that helped it scare off enemies. The Torosaurus was a herbivore that could tackle the toughest of vegetation and had a powerful beak made for grazing.

The Anatotitans were duck-billed herbivores that lived 65 million years ago. It was closely related to Edmontosaurus, and weighed four tons and was up to 40 feet (12 meters) long.

Although all these dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, by digging up their bones from fossil beds, we are now able to know what they looked like and how they lived years ago.

[Source: Walking With Dinosaurs: A Natural History ]

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