Robots and Humans

Robots can do many things humans can, and many things human cannot. For example, robots can deal with dangerous substances and explore outer space. Depending on how they're programmed they can be gentle enough to hold glass or strong enough to lift a car. They have been programmed to assemble a computer and perform surgery using artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence means inanimate objects that possess recognition or critical thinking skills. Robots demonstrate this through playing difficult games like chess better than humans. Over time, robots have replaced people in doing repetitive tasks like housework or dangerous jobs such as bomb disposal faster and more accurately than people.

Robots know and react to what surrounds them. They have nearly all the same senses as humans. Their eyes and ears are made up of electronic sensors, which help them see and detect smell. Their sense of touch comes from pressure sensors. They have eyes that give them a three dimensional view of the world.

Robots are strong, smart, and advanced thanks to scientists ever developing robotics technology.

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