Astronauts Brave Many Dangers to Walk in Space

Astronauts face many dangers while space walking. These dangers include space debris, radiation, extreme temperatures, lack of oxygen, and the possibility of floating away.

One of the biggest dangers of space walking is the risk of getting separated from the spaceship. If this happens, an astronaut could float in space until he or she runs out of oxygen. That is why astronauts tie themselves to their spaceship or use jet packs.

To help protect them from potential dangers, astronauts wear certain gear. An astronaut’s suit protects him or her from many harmful things found in space, for example. The helmet allows oxygen to move throughout the suit. It also protects the astronaut from the sun. Spacesuits have small colorful stripes which are unique to each astronaut so they can be identified. Also, the arms of the spacesuit are separated into different sections to insure the safety of the astronaut.

When astronauts have to fix something outside of the spaceship, they face danger yet again and must use handholds to move around. If it gets dark, their helmets have flashlights to help them see. A crane controlled by another astronaut can also be used to lift an astronaut to the right place so that the problem can get fixed.

As you now know, space walking is a very dangerous task. Therefore, it should be taken seriously and precautions should be followed.

[Source: Space A Visual Encyclopedia]

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