That’s a good word: Lament

by Rosalinda Villegas, age 15

On a recent fall evening our office was filled with discussion. My editors were talking about a special assignment and they were looking for volunteers. Before I knew what the project was, I raised my hand. Then I remembered that around a newsroom you should be careful what you sign up for. It might be a new 4-part series on college chemistry.
My editor quickly noticed the expression on my face and said, “Now Rosalinda is lamenting her decision to volunteer.”
In hindsight, I did lament volunteering before I knew what the assignment was. But at that moment I didn’t know what the word meant.
Confused, I grabbed my dictionary. Lamenting comes from the root word lament, meaning to regret. Webster’s definition of lamenting is to express sorrow or regret. Lament can be a noun or a verb. It is a very good word.
Luckily my assignment was not a 4-part series on chemistry.