Death Of Baby Cub

by Jose Pedraza age, 14 and Taylor Kilgore age, 17

    Pandas, especially giant pandas, are extremely difficult to breed in captivity. Because they are endangered in the wild, zoos try hard to breed pandas as a way to help protect the species.
    It was a sad day at the National Zoo in Washington when 14 year old Mei Xiang, a giant panda, recently lost her newborn cub. The four-ounce cub, about the size of a stick of butter, had no external signs of Trauma. The cub’s distressed mother had five failed pregnancies before giving birth. 
    The zoo was given its first set of pandas in 1972 as a gift from China to Richard Nixon. Only four American Zoos currently have giant pandas, so this event is considered an important loss.
    “This is devastating for all of us here,” says National Zoo director, Dennis Kelly.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal]