Who Is This Gift Really For?

Research Reveals Surprising Rules About Gifting-Giving

Would you believe that the worst gifts are the gifts that took the most thought? According to an article in The Washington Post, they are. So, next time you are buying a gift, think of this.

Research done by Mary Steffel, an assistant professor from the University of Cincinnati, shows that the more thought you put in to a present, the less probable it is that the recipient will like it. Besides, most gift purchases are motivated by the personality of the recipient rather than their desire for a particular gift.

About 10 percent of gifts are returned each year. Some gifts that are not returned are probably still unwanted. Steffel explained that most people would prefer gifts that allow them flexibility like gift cards or cash.

Moreover, according to Steffel, most gift givers tend to buy gifts that they want to give instead of what the recipient wants to receive. The gift usually matters more to the giver than it does to the receiver.

So, based on this, the best gift is not necessarily the most well thought out gift, but rather, the gift that presents more flexibility for the awardee. It seems, freedom can be a beautiful feeling.

[Source: The Washington Post]