Local Journalist Honored

Capital Times Columnist John Nichols Wins Career Achievement Award

by Annie Shao, age 18

    The Aronson Award for career achievement in social justice journalism is an honor given to Nobel Peace Prize winners and other prestigious journalists. The 2011 Aronson Award went to John Nichols from Madison’s very own Capital Times.
    Nichols is like that classmate of yours who is good at sports, is involved in countless activities, and still gets good grades. Not only does he write editorials and weekly columns for The Capital Times, he is a political writer for The Nation magazine. He uses his work to voice his opinions about politics and what changes he wants to see.
    Nichols has written six books, one of them analyzing the recent Scott Walker protests in Wisconsin. He has own co-authored other books such as It’s the Media, Stupid! and Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media with Robert W. McChesney. Nichols is a well-received and popular public speaker and appears on radio and TV stations around the country. He often speaks on the MSNBC cable network about progressive politics.
    Nichols is not only involved in many jobs, he “does every one of [them] extremely well,” according to his colleague Dave Zweifel. The Aronson Award honors Nichols for his long career in journalism. The Simpson Street Free Press applauds Nichols for his contributions to the fields of social justice and journalism.

[Source: The Capital Times]