Game Review: Mario Sports Mix

Hey, this is Amare, and I’m gonna talk about Mario Sports Mix! Mario Sports Mix is a combination of Mario Kart and Wii Party. The video game was released by Nintendo worldwide in early 2011, although in Japan, it was released in November 2010.

Mario Sports Mix is an awesome multiplayer game with a variety of sports to choose from, including basketball, volleyball, hockey, and dodgeball. You can play as any of your favorite Mario characters. You can also use the Miis you create as characters. Each game accomodates up to four players. There are many exhibits and tournaments to play! In each sport, exhibition and tournament modes function the same. While the colors are nice, the character sprites aren’t as good as you would think. It’s one of the best games you can get for its value because of the characters and variety. Whether, you’re playing solo or one of the minigames, Mario Sports Mix is an amazing amount of fun.