Your Mom Was Right: Don’t shop on an Empty Stomach

by Tabitha Boyd, age 14

            Two researchers at Cornell University arranged an experiment to finally settle the score about the age-old diet advice: “Never shop on an empty stomach.”
            In the experiment, sixty-eight men and women were asked not to eat for five hours. Then they were divided into two groups and allowed to shop for food in a simulated grocery store on two different days. The store offered healthy low-calorie foods and unhealthy high-calorie foods.
            Before grocery shopping, half of the participants were given a snack. Both groups purchased a similar number of items, but those that didn’t receive the snack picked the highest-calorie foods.
            In the second phase, the researchers followed eighty-two shoppers in a real grocery store. Once again, those shopping at times when they were most hungry chose the high-calorie foods.
            Rita F. Redburg, a cardiologist, wrote an editorial about this research. From her own experience she advised to never shop on an empty stomach or with young children –they both lead to unhealthy food choices.

[Source: The New York Times]

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