Super Mario Sunshine Game Review

Hey, guys! This is Amare! And I’m gonna talk about the nintendo game “Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube Console. ” Mario’s vacation dreams are immediately cut short after landing at the Island’s Airstrip.

The island is covered in graffiti and pollution, the person responsible happens to look just like Mario, which leads to a sitcom-style case of mistaken identity. Mario is sentenced to clean up the island with a water cannon you wear on your back also known as FLUDD.

During Mario’s adventure, princesses will be kidnapped, ooze will be washed away, and a large amount of “shines” will be collected. Super Mario Sunshine has many features and characteristics similar to 1996’s Super Mario 64, an incredible game that set the standard for the many 3D Platform games to come. Of course, previous Mario games were also outstanding, so Super Mario Sunshine has some big shoes to fill.

There are 120 shines in Super Mario Sunshine, but the game can be completed with less than this amount. You can solve any problem you come across by shooting it with water. You also have to get to a certain spot in the level and fight the boss for a prize or race other characters to the finish line.