Almost Two Decades Old, Xbox Remains a Popular Gaming Console

Believe it or not, it has been over 16 years since the release of Xbox, a beloved gaming console that allows users to play video games and interact with others around the world.

Back in 1998, a Microsoft team composed of Kevin Bachus, Seamus Blackley, Otto Berkes, Ted Hase, and Bill Gates had the idea to create something like a computer, but in the form of a console that required a controller. They wanted to create a gaming system, like the PlayStation 2, for people to be able to play and have fun doing so.

After years of the team planning and developing, on November 14, 2001, the Times Square branch of Toys R Us hosted the official release of the Xbox. Although the system’s size, design, and price (at $299) drew some concerns, Microsoft grossed over $30 million from the Xbox in a short time. The console came with a game called Halo, a first-person perspective shooter game that is still popular today. Halo sold over one million copies within just the first few months of its production.

The Xbox was then released in Japan on February 22, 2002, and in Europe on March 14, 2002. In Japan, only 123,000 Xbox units were sold in the first week of its release. Fearing that the Xbox would have a rough time selling in other countries, Microsoft consequently decreased the console's price from $299 to $199.

Since its initial release, the Xbox has undergone a few system updates and price adjustments. It remains a popular gaming console even in current times!