A Toothbrush Without Paste?

Maybe the Next Big Thing

Teeth are important for our health. Protecting them can reduce risks of oral diseases like gingivitis. We think that toothpaste is good for us and we use it daily, but it turns out it's not entirely healthy for us.

There are two inventions to clean teeth that do not use toothpaste. An invention from Japanese technology company Yumeshokunin, the Misoka Brush. The brush uses nanotechnology. Its bristles are coated with mineral ions that remove stains but also protect your teeth.

Another invention called Miswak, a tooth-cleaning stick, also doesn’t need toothpaste. Its fibers contain sodium bicarbonate and silica. These ingredients both grind and polish. If these tools catch on, we may no longer need toothpaste.

[Source: smithsonian.com]