The Fourth State of Matter: Plasma

Do you know what plasma is? Many people are not familiar with plasma and do not know where it can be found.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Plasmas are similar to gases as they have neither shape nor volume and are less dense than solids and liquids. Plasmas differ from gases because gases have electrons surrounding their nuclei, so the nuclei stay inside the atoms. But in plasmas, the electrons disperse, which allows the nuclei to roam freely. Plasma can conduct energy and have magnetic fields, which are abilities normal gases do not have.

One might be familiar with electrostatic interactions without even knowing it. These interactions can happen when one rubs a balloon against their hair or touches another and gets shocked.

Plasma are also found in places such as the Sun, lightning, stars, auroras, neon signs, and fluorescent light bulbs. Though the average person may know little about plasma, it really is everywhere.


Excellent research and writing. Very nice job, Avery. – James KramerMiddleton (2018-05-18 21:32)