UW-Madison Develops STEM Network to Encourage Diversity

UW-Madison recently created a new website, the STEM Diversity Network, which promotes connecting diverse people on campus in various STEM fields. The website compiles resources on science, technology, engineering, and math.

UW associate professor of genetics Ahna Skop created the website with the goal of collecting campus information about STEM fields in one place. Skop thought this would make it easier for university members of diverse backgrounds to connect. She established the website when she was chair of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ equity and diversity committee.

The site includes tips for finding research opportunities and summer programs. It also contains articles written by Kemi Olukoga and Kaitlin Morse, two undergraduate interns who helped put together the website. In their articles, Olukoga and Morse describe their own experiences in STEM fields and give tips for new students.

The network is funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Additional funds for the site came from the UW Office of the Provost.

One of the biggest focuses of the website is mentoring. It pairs students, staff, and faculty with mentors and advocates trained to give insight on professional development.

The site will benefit students from all backgrounds who are a part of UW's STEM programs and provide useful resources to all students. This is one step in the right direction for UW in its efforts to be a more inclusive, resourceful campus.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal]

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