Chevy Volt on Schedule

GM's New Electric Car Passes Road Tests

by Pallav Regmi, age 12

General Motors is finalizing the Chevy Volt, a rechargeable electric car that can travel an impressive 40 miles on battery power alone.     

Six trials of the model were recently conducted on a Detroit assembly line, then tested at the company's testing ground. Andrew Farah, the car’s chief engineer recently test drove the car himself. He said the car traveled for 41.5 miles and 42.5 miles on battery power alone during his test.

The Volt has an additional 1.4-liter gas engine in case the battery dies. It has a lower range in colder climates when the battery must be used to heat the interior.   

A few adjustments are still needed. These include changes to car’s computer software and controls. The Volt is on schedule for full production in November.

[Sources: Detroit Free Press; The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

Good Job I like that car! – Kim StarPlayboy Mansion (2011-02-24 09:19)
Good job on this article! hopefully in a few years we'll be able to have a completely electric car that doesn't rely on gas at all – SpenserVerona (2011-05-26 19:00)