Microsoft Plans to Enter Smartphone Market

by Parwat Regmi, age 17

Social networking and mobile phones are part of teen culture today. Many teenagers find smartphones appealing because they meld these two basic and essential components of popular culture. Like other mobile giants, Microsoft wants to tap into the potential of this industry by introducing its own version of smartphones.

Microsoft recently unveiled two wireless phones that primarily target the teenage demographic in the United States. Kin One and Kin Two are produced by Sharp Corporation and feature Microsoft-developed software. Verizon Wireless will be the exclusive provider of these cell phone devices.

Kin will be the first cell phone brand that will feature Windows Phone 7 Series software, which is based on the new Windows operating system. The phone will be released later this year.

Microsoft hopes to regain its place in the wireless industry by introducing Kin models among the popular iPhones and BlackBerrys, which currently dominate the market.

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[Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Wall Street Journal]