Are Airpods Safe?

No solid evidence has been found that Airpods are harmful to ears. However US scientists did a peer reviewed study about radiation. They wanted to know if Airpods cause cancer. US scientists tried two radiation tests on rats and they gave the rats cancer on both occasions. This is the only animal that they have tried it on. We don’t know what would happen if it is tested on another animal.

Too much cellphone use can be dangerous. Manufactures made an assumption that the non-ionizing radio-frequent radiation of cell phones can’t give you cancer. Ronald Melnick, the senior scientist of the national Toxicology Program, Who found the studies, came to the conclusion that there is no complete evidence that saw phone use is harmful. Many scientists should try these tests on animals that are more like humans.

US scientists are trying to figure out the dose of radiation that is not good for humans if exposed to. They don’t know if bluetooth radiation is a threat. People are wearing Airpods for a long period of time and they’re right next to their brain.

Overall bluetooth headphones and phones give off some amount of radiation. Therefore people should consider stick with wired headphones.

[Source: Quartz]