How Do Seeds Travel?

Have you ever wondered about how many different ways things can travel?

We as humans travel in planes and cars and trains. Seeds don't have that luxury; here's how seeds get spread!

Sometimes seeds fall into the ground so they can grow into plants there. It would be very overcrowded if they remained in the same place that they fell. One good thing is that seeds are very light. Seeds can just let the wind take them in very different directions. For example, dandelion seeds often travel by wind. Some seeds even travel many kilometers before reaching their destination.

Seeds also travel by water. Some seeds fall into water and they catch a ride on the stream, which takes them to a new place. Seeds are so light that even a heavy rain can move them. Coconuts carry seeds inside them. Coconuts travel a lot by water giving them the unofficial job of spreading seeds.

Animals are a huge help in spreading seeds! For example, a squirrel buries its acorns, hickory nuts, and peanuts during the winter. They bury so many seeds that at times they forget about some of them. Eventually, this causes the forgotten seed to grow inside the ground.

Some animals eat fruit, and the seeds exit the animal's body in their droppings. A seed may also stick to an animal's fur or a person's clothes.

There are many ways that a seed can travel. And it’s interesting how this helps plants to spread and grow. Look for them next time you are outside in nature!

[Sources: Science Stories ; Structures of Life ]

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