Discovery of an Exomoon Thousands of Light Years Away

There has been a possible discovery of an exomoon, a moon that orbits around a planet outside our solar system. Scientists think that moons exist around other planets in outer space, but they have never been proven.

Two researchers at Columbia University, Alex Teachey and David Kipping collected evidence of an enormous gas moon orbiting a planet that is 8,000 light years away from Earth. They used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to discover this new moon.

They were looking for an exomoon. The researchers found 284 planets with NASA’s Kepler space telescope, that they thought might have such a moon.

The Kepler-1625, a planet that is almost the same size as the sun seemed to have such a moon. A telescope seems to have detected a new moon, but the researchers aren't sure without having more evidence to support their claim.

[Source: Associated Press]