Twenty Years of Scientific Discovery in the International Space Station

Did you know that a space station is similar to a house? It has showers, kitchens, and living areas. But it also has a control center where astronauts , or cosmonauts as they’re known in Russia, can work.

The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest space station that took a team effort to build. Sixteen countries contributed to the effort. Specifically, it took the cooperation of the U.S., Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and 11 European countries. The station was built on Earth and sent piece by piece into space and put together by the shuttle’s robot arms.

After a long period of training, the first three astronauts arrived on the station in November 2000 and lived there for four months. Astronauts, supplies and equipment were taken up to the ISS station by a U.S. shuttle.

Space stations are important because they help us continue learning about space and what it’s like to live and survive in these remote locations.

[Sources: NASA; 100 Things You Should Know About Space]

Good Job Elim!! I didn't know a space station is similar to a house. Thank you for teaching me! – Sol AlvarezGlendale Elementary (2020-11-17 17:24)
I can't wait to learn about all the things we will continue to explore & discover in space! – AlanWest High School (2020-11-17 17:57)
Great work, Elim! This is a very well written and interesting article. – Moises A HernandezMadison West High (2020-11-17 18:03)
Wow! I didn’t know that space stations and houses were so alike! Thanks for writing this. – Jules Da CostaMadison (2020-11-17 18:14)
Very interesting! I did not know that it took sixteen countries help build the space station – Dyami RodriguezMadison (2020-11-18 07:01)
Very interesting! I did not know that it took sixteen countries help build the space station – Dyami RodriguezMadison (2020-11-18 09:03)
Keep up the great work, Elim! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. – KadjataMadison East High School (2020-11-18 10:06)
Great job, Elim. About a month or two ago, the ISS passed over Madison! It was pretty amazing to see it move through the night sky. Keep writing! – Nan BogueMADISON (2020-11-18 19:30)
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