Why the Earth Is Known as the Planet of Life

Earth is the planet we live on, which is a round ball of rock. The rock is hard and solid on the outside. On the inside, it is hot enough to melt rock. There are times when you can see hot rock showering out of an erupting volcano.

The Earth might be one of the only planets with living creatures. From space, the Earth is blue and white, with huge oceans and masses of clouds. Earth also has trees that provide oxygen, sunlight the provides warmth, and soil to grow crops in. People, animals, and plants live on Earth thanks to these supplies.

Sunshine hits the surface of Earth during the daytime when that part of the planet is facing the Sun. During the night, part of the Earth faces away from the Sun, making it dark. Day follows night since the Earth is always sprinting.

The Moon on clear nights changes its shape as the months pass. It changes from a thin crescent to a round shape. Sunlight reflects onto the Moon. The full moon happens when the Sun fully faces the Moon. A thin crescent shape happens when the Sun reflects only a little section on the moon.

Craters on the Moon are scars from space rocks crashing onto the surface. A rock smashes into the Moon at a high speed, leaving a saucer-shaped dent, pushing some of the rock outward in a ring of mountains.

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