Possible Future on The Red Planet?

Mars is a very interesting planet. It is also one of the only planets we might be able to live on.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is very close to Earth. Scientists have found evidence that there might have been life on Mars once. Imprints of organisms were found on a meteorite that came from its surface. That means, some kind of simple life form might have lived there.

Mars is very similar to Earth. It has days and seasons with warm summer temperatures reaching 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also covered in volcanoes just like Earth. Scientists think that Mars has water buried as ice beneath its surface. That is one of the main reasons there’s a possibility that humans may one day be able to live there in the future.

Mars has a thin atmosphere. That is one of the reasons it would be difficult to sustain human life on it. Because it has low atmospheric pressure, as soon as you step onto Mars your blood would start boiling within minutes. Also, we need a thick atmosphere to breathe. Mars can also get super cold it can get to -286 degrees Fahrenheit. Mars has such high winds are living in a constant tornado.

Although Mars has its pros and cons regarding the possibilities human existence, it is a very cool planet. I hope you find it cool too.

[Source: Secrets of the Universe]

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