Space Hotels and the Future of Space Travel

The days of daydreaming are over. When the world’s first space hotel arrives, it will allow passengers to explore the unknown, while giving the same comfort you would get on Earth. In 2019, the Gateway Foundation, a Californian company run by John Blincow, planned on releasing a cruise ship style hotel that could one day hover over Earth’s atmosphere.

Tim Alatorre, senior design architect at Orbital Assembly Corporation, explained that the hotel, named the Voyager Station, will work by pushing contents of the station out to its perimeter, just like if you were spinning a bucket of water. The water will stay in place because the gravitational force pushes it against the bottom of the bucket, just like the people in the hotel. Alatorre also explained that there is no gravity near the center of the station, but as you move toward the outer part of the station, the force of gravity increases.

The Voyager Station was originally called the Von Braun Station because it was inspired by 60 year old designs from Wernher Von Braun, an aerospace engineer who launched rocket technology in Germany and later in the US. While in Germany, Von Braun was involved with Nazi Rocket Devepment Program. The name was later changed to Voyager Station to avoid any connections to Von Braun’s Nazi affiliated past. John Blincow said, “the station is not really about him. It’s based on his designs and we like his contributions towards science and space.”

Many people might wonder: why should I go on Voyager? There are many good reasons to go, as well as reasons to be cautious. One reason why an experience in Voyager would be beneficial is from the fascinating things one can discover about space while on the station. Another beneficial aspect is that people could make groundbreaking investigations that could change the future. Despite these advantages, a downside in this situation might be the potential risks in safety. If something goes wrong on Voyager, such as a mechanical malfunction, the situation could become extremely dangerous or even life threatening as Earth would be far out of reach and time consuming to return back to for safety.

The Voyager Station design is a vision of the future, estimated to be completed in 2027. For now, time and increased knowledge about space will allow for the success of the Voyager Station in the near future.

Would you go on it?

[Sources: CNN Travel; Orbital Assembly Corporation]

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