An Astronomy Trend Sweeping the Nation

Star Parties Gain Attention, Popularity

Think you saw the stars at the last Oscars? Let me tell you about the real stars in the greatest show on earth. At a star party, which anyone can have, family and friends can gather to gaze at nature's most beautiful nightlights. Many star party participants use telescopes or binoculars. If you are tired of the city lights, why not go out into the country to see the real stars?

Star party participants can be both professionals and amateurs. Sean O’Brien, a speaker from the National Air and Space Museum’s Einstein Planetarium, recently led a large star party on a Virginia hillside. 100 adults and children attended.

To have your own star party, you do not need a telescope; you just need to be in a dark place, away from artificial city lights and their light pollution. O'Brien also suggests stargazing in winter, when the haze of summer's humidity is gone and stars are much more visible. But, it’s still a fun activity year-round. If you watch the sky as the seasons pass, you might even notice changes. When watching the sky, you might not see anything at first but, after about 30 minutes, your eyes will adjust to the dark, and you will be able to see amazing things.

If you are interested attending in a star party, try contacting your local astronomy club, science museum, or planetarium. Or, you could host your own!

[Source: National Geographic Kids]

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