Into the Unknown: Will It Eventually be Possible to Travel Through Time?

Do you think time travel is a myth? Well, some scientists think time travel is possible. According to a new book called Secrets of the Universe, time travel is something humans do all the time. It's easy because we go forward in time every day. Going backward in time or jumping way forward in the future is what seems hard.

Philosophers have described time as a river that flows steadily onward year after year. Human history is like that too, flowing through time. Going into the past is not an option at this moment in time. Although human beings have invented a lot of things, we have not yet invented a time travel machine. That does not mean we never will.

If time machines are possible, it is likely that someone in the future has already constructed one. If humans are not up to the task, creatures from other planets might try.

Scientists offer a “many worlds” theory to explain the contradictions of time travel. For instance, if you went back in time and shot your grandfather before he met your grandmother, you may have never been born.

As of today, time machines are not possible, but some scientists believe that a time machine might be constructed in the future. So, we should not rule out time travel.

At least not yet.

[Source: Secrets of the Universe]

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