Special Feature: Birds of Prey

Eastern Screech Owl

by Antoneah Armour, age 13

Eastern screech owls are year-round residents of southern Wisconsin. They live in woodlands, suburban parks, and other natural nesting areas. These small owls can grow to be eight or nine inches long and can have a 20-inch wingspan. They are colored with red or gray feathers that blend in with the bark of the trees they live in. These owls have yellow eyes and feathery toes. During the day, screech owls spend most of their time sleeping. They hunt at night, catching moths, fish, and small birds. They mate in late winter and females hold a clutch of two to six eggs for one month. Owlets are born with their eyes closed. After they are born, their parents take care of them for up to two months.
[Source: Southern Wisconsin Atlas And Field Guide]


We went to the Maitland Birds of Prey center in Florida, and saw one of these up close for the first time. They are amazing and beautiful little creatures. – PikesPeakOwlsColorado Springs, CO (2011-11-05 20:31)
I love owls – Barb BowersCobourg, ON (2013-01-23 15:12)
I have mating pair in my front yard. They are awesome little creatures. – Marshall H.Fort Worth, Tx (2013-07-05 21:20)
Made a bird house out of 3 gallon bucket 2.5 inch hole spray painted it black and green hung it 10 feet in a tree one week latter I have a small owl im so happy. – Mike EatonChesapeake Va (2015-02-26 11:24)