Special Feature: Birds of Prey

Great Horned Owl

by Alex Lee, age 13

Did you know that some great horned owls call Southern Wisconsin home? Woodlands, meadows, bogs, and deciduous forests are all suitable habitats for these owls. They are very large birds, with a wingspan longer than four feet. Great horned owls are also tall and can stand as much as two feet tall.
Great horned owls have a well-known owl call. Their “who-who-whooo” can be heard in the early evening wherever these birds are present.
Hunting in the woods at night is one of the great horned owl’s greatest skills. They hunt birds, rabbits, mice, snakes, and fish.
Like the long-eared owl, the great horned owl often uses the abandoned nests of other birds to lay their eggs.

[Source: Southern Wisconsin Atlas and Field Guide]
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