Special Feature: Birds of Prey


by Antoneah Armour, age 13

Ospreys have curved bills, fierce yellow eyes, and white heads with dark eye stripes. Their backs and wings are covered with dark brown feathers, and their breasts are white. This bird is found on all continents except for Antarctica, although in South America it seems to be a non-breeding migrant.
They nest in treetops, and build large, durable nests out of sticks that can be used for several years.  Ospreys are large fish-catching birds, so it only makes sense that they live near lakes, rivers, and marshes. They dive feet-first into water to seize their prey. Sharp spines on their toes and curved talons make hunting fish easy, as it is very difficult for a fish to escape from an osprey’s grasp.   

[Source: Southern Wisconsin Atlas and Field Guide]