Coin That Phrase: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I have always been a big fan of music. In my free time, I enjoy listening to Latin pop, Bachata, Reggaetón, hip-hop, and salsa.

My dream is to become a professional singer just like Justin Bieber or Bob Marley. A couple weeks ago, I was at Simpson Street Free Press’ South Towne newsroom when I shared my dream with Mckenna, an assistant editor. She responded, “don’t quit your day job.”

At first, I wasn’t sure what Mckenna meant. I’ve heard other people—usually adults—use this phrase before, but I’ve never really understood its implications. Well, that day at the office, I learned exactly what it meant.

Mckenna informed me that, in this case, the phrase means I should not necessarily put all my eggs in one basket. Though I dream of becoming a musician, I should have a backup plan or two. Because there’s only a slim chance that I make a livable wage as a musician, I should focus on academics and getting into college while keeping music as a passion and hobby.

Despite this lesson, I will continue to dream of stardom. But now, I also know that I need to have more than one plan in mind. And even if I won’t end up playing music for my day job, I know it will always be a big part of who I am.

I'm very proud of the work you've put into this piece, Isaiah! And I am excited to see where your future leads you. – MckennaMadison, WI (2016-05-03 18:46)
Good Job Isaiah, great work! – Selyna GonzalezSennett Middle School (2017-01-10 17:39)
Great job Isaiah! Focusing on your dreams as well as having a backup plan is a really smart way to go! Good luck with everything! – SylvanMadison (2017-03-18 11:48)