Trolls Found Hiding In Wisconsin

While Searching for Ice Cream, Reporters Encounter Mystical Creatures

by Cecilia Gonzales, age 15, and Hailey Alfred, age 18

One hot summer afternoon, we were on a quest to find a snack to cool us down when we encountered some trolls. This may seem odd considering we live in Wisconsin, but they greeted us in the town of Mount Horeb, also known as the Troll Capital or Trollway.

Each troll we met that day seemed to have its own unique personality. For example, Tootsie, the Tooth Fairy Troll is very cheerful. Wearing a tu-tu and pig necklace, she can help those who have lost their teeth with just a wave of her wand.

Tootsie is just one of the 16 trolls carved by Michael Feeney. It’s amazing what you can find while on a quest for a snack.

Trolls have been living in Mount Horeb for almost 150 years. Some are easier to find than others. But with a little effort, you will find many trolls in Mount Horeb. We were able to discover their hiding places.

So the next time you are looking for a little adventure and want to meet some friendly trolls, visit Mount Horeb near Verona. And remember, don’t feed the trolls! But do bring a camera.

[Source: www.trollway.com; www.mounthorebtrollway.com]

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