Midwestern Energy Companies Go Green

Two Midwestern energy companies plan to shift towards renewable resources.

The Lacrosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative plans to build the first Wisconsin wind farm since 2011. The farm will be located 20 miles southeast of Platteville and construction is projected to begin in 2017. While operating, the turbines would generate enough electricity to power more than 25,000 Midwestern homes.

Similarly, WPPI Energy issued a request for 100 megawatts of electricity from wind or other renewable sources. Based in Sun Prairie, the company provided power to over 51 Midwestern utilities. The company already sources 14 percent of their energy renewably, so this initiative will contribute to an ongoing effort.

Renewably-sourced energy will likely move beyond these two projects. According to Pat Connors, WPPI senior vice president of power supply, “With the recent extension of federal renewable energy tax credits, we anticipate that bidders might be able to offer renewables to cost-effectively fill our need for future power supply resources.”

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal ]

Really great work with this piece, Sylvan. Also--awesome to hear about the shift toward renewable resources and the likelihood for this to become a trend beyond these projects. I think this is so important! – Aarushi , Madison (2016-07-14 20:36)
Good job with the story Sylvan. This is a very interesting story to read and good to hear about renewable energy. – Marc R , Cherokee (2016-07-14 20:39)
Great article! We learned all about different types of energy in my science class last year, and I think it's an important topic for sure. Nice job. – Enjoyiana , LaFollette High School (2016-07-14 20:40)