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Sennett Staff Spotlight: Melea Richardson

Richardson Strives to See All of Her Students Succeed!

My name is Melea Richardson. I have worked at Sennett Middle School for the past 15 years as a Special Educational Assistant. My passion is helping others. Over the years I've been able to make connections with countless numbers of students. Witnessing growth in my kids, whether it's daily or over time, fills me with passion to continue to grow my mind and heart to be the best that I can be for them and for myself. If they succeed, I succeed. And together, we all have success.

When I am not at school, I like to listen to all types of music, watch tv, or bake up a sweet treat with a healthy twist. But most of my down time is spent with my family. They are extremely important to me. Cooking together is usually involved when we spend time with each other. On Sundays, we have a special dinner to relax and prepare ourselves for the coming week. We try to switch it up and find new recipes to make that are different and also taste good. We recently made barbeque chicken enchiladas. They were amazing!

The simple things in life truly bring me joy. I try to live each day in the moment and always to the fullest. I choose happiness!

Thank you, Melea. We appreciate very much your contribution to Sennett Free Press. Keep up your great work!! – James Kramer , Monona, WI (2016-05-25 10:13)