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Global Warming Endangers Arctic Belugas

Beluga whales are interesting animals. Most people don’t know much about them, but they are unique in many ways. Their bodies, the way they live in their environment, and the way they communicate, all contribute to making belugas the stand- out whales they are.

Belugas' bodies have a lot of fat on them. Their fat helps them keep warm in the Arctic Ocean where it is very cold and icy. In fact, Belugas carry about six extra inches of blubber during the coldest months. This extra fat not only helps keep them warm, but it also smooths out their body, which helps them swim better and faster.

Belugas live deep in the cold ocean, so they need a special way to breathe underwater. They have really flexible necks, which help them breathe because they can move their blowholes into ice cracks for air.

Belugas communicate differently than other animals in the Arctic Ocean. They communicate by singing. They are sometimes called 'sea canaries' because they sound like birds.

Unfortunately, global warming and pollution are harming belugas and other animals in the Arctic Ocean. If this continues, the Arctic Ocean may become quieter because the beloved 'sea canary' belugas will not be around to keep singing.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]