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Meteors: Diamonds in the Sky

Small pieces of space debris, and sometimes even larger ones, enter Earth’s atmosphere. These rocks travel more than eight miles per second, which causes them to rub against the air and burn. This shows a streak of light called a meteor, or shooting star. When debris is in space, it is a meteoroid, but when it hits Earth, it is called a meteorite. [Read More...]


¿Te dan miedo la tormentas eléctricas cuando pasan? Las tormentas eléctricas son peligrosas y es importante saber cómo se forman.

Las tormentas eléctricas se forman cuando el aire humedo y caliente se mezcla con el aire frio. El cielo se pone negro y el viento aumenta. Junto con la lluvia, puede caer granizo. [Leer Más...]

Insects Construct Complex Colonies

Insect colonies are much more intricate than you might think. Many insect species work together to build their colonies.

One example of this is the Paper wasp. These insects build nests made of chewed fiber, otherwise known as paper. These nests are beautiful and complex. Termites can also build paper nests, which can be up to 20 feet high. [Read More...]

¿Que tan saludables son las bananas?

¿Te gustan las bananas? ¿Por qué? ¿El sabor? ¿La fibra? Todos pensamos que bananas son saludables. ¿Pero es cierto?

Bananas tienen, mucha azúcar. Hay 14 gramos de azúcar en una sola banana. Pero no son las únicas frutas que tienen mucha azúcar. También las manzanas y fresas contienen una gran cantidad de azúcar. Las bananas verdes tienen menos azúcar que las amarillas, aunque muchas personas prefieren las amarillas. Las bananas verdes tienen 30 de 100 puntos en el índice glucémico, mientras las bananas amarillas tienen 50 puntos.

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More Recent Science Articles

Living on a different planet may seem unimaginable, however, scientists at NASA are attempting to make the unthinkable imaginable. [read more...]
Koalas are cute but feisty. Originally mistaken as bears by Europeans, koalas are a type of marsupial, that are stronger than one might think. [read more...]
All Hair Is Beautiful [read more...]
There are more than a thousand types of fireflies and each one is uniquely different. Although these nighttime insects are known for glowing in the dark, not all of them do. [read more...]
Bald eagles are very important and beautiful birds. Bald eagles used to be endangered, but with people protecting them, now they are ranked “least concerned.” [read more...]
Most people know that frogs and toads are different, however most people didn't know what makes them different from one another. There are many unique traits that separate these two amphibians. For example, frogs have more predators and jump higher, but toads move faster because they jump closer to the ground. Also, frogs tend to live closer to water, while toads prefer to live near drier areas. [read more...]
¿Te gustan las bananas? ¿Por qué? ¿El sabor? ¿La fibra? Todos pensamos que bananas son saludables. ¿Pero es cierto? [read more...]
Do you ever wonder what causes shooting stars? These space rocks also called meteors cause us to see shooting stars. [read more...]
¿Te dan miedo la tormentas eléctricas cuando pasan? Las tormentas eléctricas son peligrosas y es importante saber cómo se forman. [read more...]
Rainbow colored mountains may seem unnatural, but they actually exist. The Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park- one place with such mountains in north central China- took form millions of years ago. [read more...]
Insect colonies are much more intricate than you might think. Many insect species work together to build their colonies. [read more...]
Did you know that one type of black hole, a galactic black hole, is as big as a billion suns? [read more...]
In 1889, Gustave Eiffel's made the Iron Lady, also known as the Eiffel Tower was built. The Eiffel Tower has 120 antennas, 1,656 stairs, 50 electrical cables, 18,000 iron pieces held together by 2.5 million rivets. The Eiffel Tower also has a hidden apartment just for Gustave Eiffel and his elite guests. For many years after Eiffel's death, the apartment went unknown until recently. In 2015 it was opened for public viewing. [read more...]
Our ancient cousins, Neanderthals, adapted to their habitats in many ways. One example of their adaptation to their habitat is their body shape and changes in their diet. [read more...]
Besides the obviously cool fact that they have eight arms, octopuses have some other awesome features that many people do not know about. [read more...]
Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the most social animals in the world. They can often be found in a group spending hours soaking up the sun. [read more...]
Usually when you think about what plants and trees need to survive, you think of moist, warm conditions. However that’s not the case for all plants. Desert plants have to endure harsh weather and have adapted to survive in these conditions. [read more...]
A small fish, known as the archerfish, have an extraordinary talent: they can shoot down prey using jets of water. Recently, researchers have found that archerfish have another special talent- they can recognize human faces. [read more...]
Beluga whales are interesting animals. Most people don’t know much about them, but they are unique in many ways. Their bodies, the way they live in their environment, and the way they communicate, all contribute to making belugas the stand- out whales they are. [read more...]
Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguins. These Arctic animals have unique behaviors. [read more...]
Have you ever seen an undersea city? Coral reefs are sometimes called “undersea cities” because they have vibrant colors and provide homes to many ocean animals. [read more...]
Spiders are one of the most feared of all insects. However not all spiders are harmful to human. Only spiders that produce venom are harmful to humans. And even those only attack humans when they feel threatened and need to defend themselves. Most spiders use venom, a type of poison, to kill their prey. [read more...]
Sea otters are found in North America, and they are interesting and valuable animals because they act differently than other sea creatures. [read more...]
Some wolves are common, but the Yellowstone wolves are heroes. Yellowstone National Park is lucky to have these kind of canines because they are important to the park community. [read more...]
Human activities have endangered the pygmy three-toed sloth. Pygmy sloths only live in tropical rainforests. Their habitat varies from Central American countries, such as Honduras, to South American countries, such as Brazil. There are many different types of sloths, but their population overall is decreasing. [read more...]
With a name like whale shark, you would think this animal would be either a whale, or a shark, or perhaps a strange fierce combination of both. However, whale sharks are actually the world’s largest fish, but don’t worry: they don’t eat humans. [read more...]
Humans along with most animals have five senses, but some snakes have a sixth sense. That sense is very important to snakes and has the potential to be very useful to humans as well. [read more...]
Did you know that there are female bees that can reproduce without the use of a males' sperm? [read more...]
When I think of woodpeckers, I always say to myself, “All that pecking must hurt.” But according to recent studies, woodpeckers are not harmed in their feeding process. [read more...]