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Mission to Mars

Living on a different planet may seem unimaginable, however, scientists at NASA are attempting to make the unthinkable imaginable.

On August 5, 2012, NASA launched a rover titled Curiosity to explore mars. On the planet, scientists used the rover to get samples of rocks, soil and dust to see if there was ever life on the Red Planet, as many call it.

Curiosity's job was to help scientists understand Mars in various ways. Curiosity was like a huge car with six wheels and had research tools such as cameras that helped scientists explore the planet. These scientists were curious to know if life—from small one-celled microbes to larger organisms— existed on Mars.

To get Curiosity to Mars, NASA completed a lot of planning and testing. Scientists used weights to balance the rover so it could navigate. NASA spent $2.5 billion to transport the vehicle to Mars, which is 350 million miles away from Earth. After planning and testing, the rover landed in perfect condition.

NASA's mission to Mars was an important opportunity for discovery. It will hopefully help scientists find out if humans can live on another planet in the universe, and it will give them new information about Mars as well.

[Source: Science News for Students]

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