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Frogs or Toads?

Can you tell the difference?

Most people know that frogs and toads are different, however most people didn't know what makes them different from one another. There are many unique traits that separate these two amphibians. For example, frogs have more predators and jump higher, but toads move faster because they jump closer to the ground. Also, frogs tend to live closer to water, while toads prefer to live near drier areas.

Toads look different than frogs. The eastern spadefoot toad, which lives in the eastern United States, has bumps on its skin. It has huge eyes that stick out. It can be buried in sand for weeks or months.

The South American horned frog burrows into the ground, sits, and keeps its eyes above the ground. Then it waits for its prey to pass by. It has sharp, tooth-like fangs, camouflage skin, bulging eyes, body armor, and tough skin.

After the rainy season, the South American horned frog makes a cocoon, so that it can stay wet for months or even years. During the rainy season, the eastern spadefoot toad comes out of the ground to have tadpoles. The female puts eggs in the plants by the water.

With this information, go out and see if you can identify any frogs or toads in real life. You may just surprise yourself with how easy it is for you to pick out frogs amongst toads and vice versa.

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