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Coral Reefs are Home to Many Aquatic Species

Have you ever seen an undersea city? Coral reefs are sometimes called “undersea cities” because they have vibrant colors and provide homes to many ocean animals.

Corals protect the fish, shrimp, clams, and other organisms of the sea. In fact, a quarter of all sea life inhabits coral reefs, which create hard limestone shells. Some see creatures benefit coral reefs in return. For example, corals offer algae a place to live and, in turn, algae turn sunlight into food for the corals. Also, algae is the reason that coral reefs have so many beautiful colors!

One factor that negatively effects coral reefs is pollution, which actually poisions the corals. Over the past 30 years, nearly 80 percent of the coral in the Caribbean has died due to pollution.

Hopefully, humans will begin to pollute less soon. They could do this by biking instead of driving cars, for instance. Coral reef are very important to the ecosystem, so it is vital that they continue to exist. If corals continue to die, that would spell trouble for the rest of the ocean.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]