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More Than Eight Reasons to Love Octopuses

Besides the obviously cool fact that they have eight arms, octopuses have some other awesome features that many people d o not know about.

Octopuses have unique physical traits. For example, the Dumbo octopus, which lives close to 13,000 feet deep in the ocean, has nearly 2,000 suckers on its tentacles. Also, a giant Pacific octopus can lift 35 pounds with each sucker when it is fully grown.

Another interesting feature is octopus' blood. Octopuses have special proteins that transform their blood to a shade of blue. Additionally, octopuses do not have bones and are made completely of muscles. Due to this fact, a 150-pound octopus, such as the giant Pacific, can squeeze through a lemon-sized hole.

Octopuses are quite smart. They can plan ahead and learn quickly. These sea creatures swim fast when they feel like they are in danger. They also carry around shells that they can hide in to remain protected. Another way they protect themselves is by shooting ink towards a predator who can kill them. Also, octopuses can change into the colors that surround them in order to hide from predators.

Not all octopuses are the same, however. There are 300 types of octopuses, and a new species was recently found in Hawaii. It's really hard to see, just like a ghost, so it was nicknamed Casper.

Humans can learn a lot from octopuses. They are smart, strong, and adaptable, which are all useful characteristics for their survival.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]