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Emperor Penguins Rule the Arctic’s Frozen Lands

Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguins. These Arctic animals have unique behaviors.

All penguins have feathers to keep them warm in the frigid minus 30°F Arctic weather. However, for Emperor penguins, their feathers are especially important because of their feeding routine. They swim under the ice to look for fish. When they see a fish that looks tasty, they move fast and grab it. Emperor penguins can dive deep into the water. They can dive up to 1,000 feet and can stay underwater and hold their breath for 20 minutes. The other 17 species of penguins can only get fish towards the top of the water.

Emperor penguins also make their own songs. Thousands of chicks sing on the ice. Adult penguins sing to find their partners. All penguins have their own unique songs.

For many other animals, it is the male’s job to go find food for the family, and the mother stays behind to care for the young. However, for penguins, the opposite is true. The mother penguin goes to find food for the babies, while the father takes care of the egg. These roles can last for as long as two months.

Emperor penguins are cool animals that have interesting ways of hunting that make them different from all other penguins.

[Source: National Geographic]